Privacy Policy

General information

We try to collect as less data as possible on our website. For example, we do not use Google Analytics or similar and have no cookies on our websites. If you have any ideas on how we can protect your data even better, we would be very happy to have your feedback.


We do not use cookies.

Google Analytics

We do not use Google Analytics or similar software.


When you visit our website, your browser transmits certain information to the server (so-called server log files), which may in turn make you identifiable. For example, you or your web browser transmit information about the IP address assigned by your provider, etc.
This system-dependent behaviour of your browser cannot be prevented by you and therefore you have no choice but to trust us to handle the transmitted information sensitively. We will not do anything with the transmitted information that is not in your interest. For this reason, we do not collect, process or use the transmitted information for analysis, advertising or similar purposes. Rather, we use this information - in accordance with the intention of the law - only for the purpose of maintaining our web services. However, we reserve the right to subsequently check the log data if there is a justified suspicion of illegal use on the basis of concrete indications.
The following information is processed by the web server to provide the service: Name of the website accessed, file, date and time of access, amount of data transferred, notification of successful access, browser type and version, user's operating system, referrer URL (previously visited page), IP address and requesting provider.

Embedding of Services / Links to other Sites

In many cases, website operators integrate services such as images, videos, etc. from other websites directly into their websites. This in turn has the effect that the user's browser not only loads the actually visited website, but also establishes a connection with the corresponding services of other providers.
For this website we use a theme from, some third-party icons and have integrated Viedeos from (but as NO cookie variant). For some elements on our website external content is loaded. The data mentioned under "Logfiles" could be transmitted to the website operators of the respective providers. We also refer to external websites via corresponding "links". These websites "linked" by us are only loaded when you click on these links yourself. This means that the other website operators only then receive your information.

Revocation, amendments, corrections and updates

We reserve the right to change the privacy policy in order to adapt it to changes in the legal situation or changes in the service and data processing. If you have any further questions regarding data protection and data security, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact details can be found in the legal notice.